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  • Choosing the right Ice Rod for Panfish
    Choosing an ice rod for panfish sounds easy, just walk into the fishing department of a store and grab a 24″ ultra light rod with some reel and go fishing. If you really think that, then this is probably the … Continue reading →
    - 6 days ago 16 Nov 17, 9:10pm -
  • The Deluxe Spoon Box from Clam Outdoors
    My staff order from Clam Outdoors came  in yesterday to the house from Minnesota.  If you are Facebook, you probably saw me go “Live”  showing the features of the new Stealth Spearfisher hub shelter.  One of the other items I … Continue rea…
    - 14 days ago 8 Nov 17, 5:56pm -
  • Underwater Cameras, not just for ice fishing!
    Last month I shared that using my Vexilar sonar/flasher was an integral component in my success while fishing a walleye tourney on the Saginaw River.  Proving yet again, your winter equipment can really be used all year-long to enhance your … Cont…
    - 16 days ago 6 Nov 17, 3:17pm -
  • The Saginaw River is Heating Up…
    …and more fish are staging to come into the river.  With the cold temps coming this week, the fishing should only get better until the ice takes hold. Obviously I just got home from the Saginaw River where I fished … Continue reading →
    - 30 days ago 23 Oct 17, 5:22pm -
  • Snapweights and Fall Trolling
    Snapweights give walleye anglers an added tool in the tackle bag when it comes to going after the big fish that show up in the fall months prior to the winter freeze.  Big baits, small baits, rattling, suspending, all of … Continue reading →
    - 49 days ago 4 Oct 17, 4:36pm -
  • Perchnado V: the sequel x5
    What an incredible perch fishing season we have had on the Michigan side of Lake Erie this season.  Lines at Jeff’s Bait and Tackle (boats/trailers/trucks) are stretching back towards I-75 on the weekends. They are a pretty well oiled machine ……
    - 58 days ago 25 Sep 17, 4:23pm -
  • The Hottest Perch Rig on Erie…
    ….for me anyway, is a rig/concept I came up with a couple of years ago.  The standard perch rig, also known as a crappie rig, consists of two perch arms called lears with two snells attached at the end.  Since … Continue reading →
    - 64 days ago 19 Sep 17, 1:11pm -
  • How to Fizz a Fish
    How to Fizz a Walleye: Catch and Release Fish From Deep Water
    - 69 days ago 14 Sep 17, 3:11pm -

Lake Erie Fishing

  • New Fishing Magazine Blog
    I decided to keep this Lake Erie Fishing Blog and also have a magazine type blog with pictures of caught fish.  You can check out the magazine at FishBoast.  So please come on over and check it out and submit photos of your caught fish.
    - 8 Feb 16, 8:22am -
  • Northern Pike Compete with Other Predators Like Walleye and Should Not Be Introduced.
    A friend of mine in the Western USA just sent me this article which was posted on  It is very important to not introduce any non-native fish or organism to any body of water.  Lake Erie has been a similar victim recently with the intr…
    - 12 Nov 15, 4:11am -
  • Steelhead Update for Erie Streams - November 11, 2015
    The heavy rains ended yesterday and the high murky streams undoubtedly resulted in a fresh run of steelhead trout.  I went on a scouting mission today and can report that the smaller streams are about fishable.  They were still high at  2 pm this…
    - 12 Nov 15, 1:39am -
  • Heavy Rains Bring in the Steelhead.
    Tuesday November 10 2015Heavy rains today are contributing to very high Erie steelhead streams.  The streams are flowing high and murky which will result in a fresh run of trout.  It usually takes one to three days for streams to improve from a rai…
    - 10 Nov 15, 8:57pm -
  • Steelhead Staged and Ready to Run Up Erie PA Streams -2015 October 10 Report
    I just got back from a steelhead scouting trip and can relay the following news.  Streams are extremely low and most do not have any fish.  I spent my time on the eastside streams and the only place I located fish was in 20 mile creek by New York S…
    - 12 Oct 15, 9:25pm -
  • 2015 Lake Erie Perch Fishing Spotty at Best
    The summer is quickly going by and local fisherman are wondering where all of the perch schools are.  The perch fishing has been spotty at best, with many fisherman giving up due to the cost of a trip out to the normal perch zones. I walked the nort…
    - 1 Sep 15, 4:50pm -
  • Erie Streams Stocked with Thousands of Steelhead Smolts
    Recently, the PA Fish & Boat Commission released thousands of 6 to 8 inch steelhead smolts into local streams.  These steelhead hopefully will return from Lake Erie in a few years and venture up the same streams to spawn which will provide anglers t…
    - 23 Apr 14, 11:28pm -